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EUSEA24- General Assembly 

Invitation to EUSEA General Assembly 2024 in Tbilisi

Dear EUSEA members and friends,

We are happy to extend our warm invitation to the EUSEA General Assembly 2024, which will be held on Thursday, 16 May 2024, from 16:00 to 18:00 Georgian time (GMT+4). EUSEA members and non-members are welcome to join this important meeting, where we will present and discuss the current state and direction of our organisation. Each year, the EUSEA General Assembly serves as a platform for open dialogue, decision-making, and collaboration. This year, your participation is particularly important since we will elect a new EUSEA President and 3 Board Members! You can find the list of candidates and their details here.

To prepare yourself for the General Assembly, please have a look at the EUSEA Annual Report and the Minutes of the General Assembly in Bolzano, Italy, 2023.

We look forward to your contributions and can’t wait to see you all at the EUSEA General Assembly in Tbilisi!

*Please note that only registered participants can vote – we need to add your emails to our online voting system. 

Agenda of the General Assembly 2024:

16:00 Welcome by EUSEA President, Cissi Askwall

  • Approval of the necessary quorum for the General Assembly
  • Acceptance of the Minutes of the General Assembly 2023

16:10 Report on the Association’s Activities

  • Summary of EUSEA Annual Report, including involvement in EU Projects
  • Focus: MLE on Public Engagement
  • Questions or comments on the Activities’ Report?

16:30 EUSEA Financial Report 2023

  • Presentation of EUSEA Finances 2023
  • Questions or comments on the Financial Statement?
  • Independent Auditors Statement
  • Vote: Approval of the EUSEA Financial Statement 2023
  • Vote: Release of the EUSEA Board for 2023

16:45 Elections for EUSEA Presidency and Board

  • Presentation of Candidates and Election of a new EUSEA President
  • Presentation of Candidates and Election of 3 EUSEA Board Members
  • Presentation of Candidates and Election of 2 new Auditors

17:30 Presentation of Venues for EUSEA Conferences 2025, 2026, and 2027

18:00 End of EUSEA General Assembly 2024