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Welcome Coffee & Registration

Let’s get ready for the exploration! Get yourself energized with a cup of coffee, a snack and some friendly chats with your fellow conference goers! Strengthen yourself for two days...

Conference Opening

Welcome to the European Science Engagement Conference 2024! We are thrilled to kick off this year's gathering with inspiring insights and valuable perspectives from EUSEA President Cissi Askwall and the...

Parallels Sessions I – 1.1 Horizon Talks

Creating equitable, diverse and safe spaces to fight HIV and Hepatitis C in Scotland
Public Engagement, Institutional Identity and Processes of Change
The case of Switzerland - how to deal with identity and identities all the time
Steps from Fragmentation to Deliberation: Practical tips for creating more inclusive spaces to build confidence in diverse participants to share insights

Parallels Sessions I – 1.2 Horizon Talks

MACARONIGHT: Fostering the sense of belonging and engagement in science from the margins
Generating Systems Change in Science Outreach Practice
Public engagement at EMBL-EBI; science for the people, with the people
E-xperimenting; a free Worldwide Science Centre that you enter from home
Interrogating Illusions of Progress: Science engagement conferences as inclusive spaces

Parallels Sessions II – 2.3 Poster Pitches


Children’s Universities: Cultivating 'Belonging' for Diverse Futures in Science
Through the Looking Glass: The Third Dimension in Science Communication and Public Engagement Modelling.
Scientists Return to their Hometown: a case study of circularity in education
PhDSciCom, the science communication platform for PhDs
Cultivating Communities: Navigating Ethical Frontiers in Public Engagement
A quantum physics exhibition: students and visitors engagement evaluation
Using interdisciplinarity to tell richer stories
Empowering Future Leaders: Citizen Science as a Tool to diversify representation in STEM and Drive Environmental Change

Parallels Sessions II – 2.4 Horizon Talks

Scientific Tourism: Science engagement for a sustainable and inclusive economy in rural areas
Identity Matters: Exploring Identities in Science Communication from an STS perspective

Parallels Sessions III – 3.2: Horizon Talks

Engaging the Engagers: the Open Mike Experiment
Can citizen science be an effective platform for social integration?
Circularity in science engagement: a new concept to tackle inequality

Parallels Sessions III – 3.4 Poster Pitches II

Cardiovascular Screening Checks on Mongolian Nomads During the Khan Khentii Expedition July 2023
Public Engagement Principles in a European Context
Reshaping research processes through culture change and RRI - a pathway to societal impact
What Makes Viruses Tick?
Framework for evaluating nature conservation citizen science projects in Hungary
SHORE - an inclusive and cross-sectoral approach to Ocean Literacy and Open Schooling
CS4Rivers: a Citizen Science project for monitoring the biodiversity of riverine ecosystems
Building up science identities through novel approaches and partnerships
Change of perspective and self-efficacy as public engagement methods

Parallel Sessions IV – 4.1: Horizon Talks

The Use of Hashtag in Unifying the Identity of the Philippine Science Department
Evaluating Urban Health with Older Adults: A Co-Creative Approach to Age- Friendly Urban Design in Barcelona - Open Science for everyone
Generation Glas: Finding Identity as Youth Activists
Ask a local! How to use 24 languages to talk about planetary health

Parallel Sessions IV – 4.2: Dialogue Workshops (2 sessions of 45 minutes each)

16:00- 16:45
Denis Naughten MP, Inter-Parliamentary Union, Geneva and Maurizio Bona - former science advisor, CERN, Geneva
Bridging Divides Through Science: A Dialogue on Peacebuilding

16:45- 17:30
Maria Hagardt,  Vetenskap & Allmänhet, VA Public & Science, Sweden; Niklas Marzinek, Falling Walls Foundation, Germany; Romina Rodela, Södertörn University, Sweden and Helen Garrison, Vetenskap & Allmänhet, VA Public & Science, United Kingdom
Youth, science and democracy!

Parallel Sessions IV – 4.4 Dialogue Session (2 sessions of 45 minutes each)


Christopher Styles, EUSEA, United Kingdom and Vannessa Hannesschläger, Ars Electronica, Austria

Helping citizen science grow - How can we engage better with grassroots citizen science initiatives?


Liz Danner, The Open University, United Kingdom; James Caron, SOAS University of London, United Kingdom and Muhammad Salman Khan, King’s College London, United Kingdom

Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge in Pakistan: Case Study Lessons for Impactful Engagement

Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will be hosted at a charming restaurant with a picturesque view overlooking Old Tbilisi – "In the Shadows of Metekhi." This setting provides an excellent opportunity to...