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Double Keynote: EUSEA Young Talents

Double Keynote: EUSEA Young Talents Showcasing the Next Generation of Public Engagers: In the past years, we have seen more and more early career researchers getting interested in Science Communication...

Parallel Sessions V – 5.1: Horizon Talks

Memories From Museum: An investigation into Collective Memories In Cultural Learning Environments
Fostering Green Consensus: A World Café Approach to Participatory Democracy and Climate Action in Local Communities
Fortune-telling about the weather: using similarities in cultural beliefs to talk about climate services
Engagement Career Development: Moving from Introduction to Identity
Boundaries and bridges between science-society fields - a case study from the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Parallel Sessions V – 5.2 Horizon Talks

The impact of AI on the quality of science journalism: views from journalists
Inception Horizon: a case study in the science communication of groundwater through song
Effect of Projects for Environment and Nature Action (P.E.N.A.) on Middle School Students' Attitudes Towards Environment
STEM4Equality | Combating gender stereotypes in early school age through STEM
Characterising a highly urbanised town to support participatory public engagement

EUSEA General Assembly

EUSEA General Assembly Members and non-members are welcome to join the EUSEA General Assembly, a pivotal event where all members come together to discuss the future direction of our organisation....