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Our call is now Closed!

 The Call for Proposals for the EUSEA Conference 2024 is now closed. We can not wait to read through your submissions and send you our feedback. We will get in touch with the status of your proposal by the end of January 2024.

All of us in the EUSEA office are now very excited for…

#EUSEA24: The Value of Identity – Public Engagement Beyond Boundaries


Date: 15 to 16 May 2024
Venue: Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Value of Identity – Public Engagement Beyond Boundaries

We live in times in which the world is becoming increasingly interconnected via shared challenges – and yet fundamentally fragmented in how to address them. In the midst of disruption, the EUSEA Conference 2024  will examine how public engagement can bridge divisions and foster meaningful relations between science and societies across and beyond boundaries.

We invite proposals that explore the multifaceted nature of “identity” and its influence on public engagement with research and innovation. These topics show the range of this year’s theme – feel free to submit sessions with a different angle if you consider them relevant for our field:

  1. Cultural Diversity and Inclusion: How can public engagement acknowledge and leverage diverse socio-cultural identities to foster inclusive and accessible interactions?
  2. Science Communication and Public Perception: What role does identity play in shaping public attitudes, beliefs, and understanding of scientific topics? How can we effectively communicate science across different identities and communities?
  3. Indigenous Knowledge and Local Wisdom: How can traditional knowledge systems and local perspectives be integrated into science engagement practices to promote inclusive perspectives and social cohesion?
  4. Citizen Science and Participatory Engagement: How can citizen science projects empower individuals and communities to actively participate in scientific processes while respecting their cultural and social identities?
  5. Ethics, Responsible Research, and Innovation: How can public engagement activities navigate ethical considerations and involve diverse stakeholders in shaping research and innovation agendas?
  6. Alternative Identities: How can we create safe and inclusive spaces within science engagement activities for individuals that do not fit within the mold of the mainstream identity paradigm? How can we ensure equal participation and representation of individuals of diverse backgrounds, experiences and sensitivities so that they feel entitled to fully contribute their unique insights in co-creation and engagement?
  7. Creative Methods and Approaches to Open Innovation: What novel strategies, technologies, and methodologies can stimulate public engagement with science while addressing identity-related challenges?

Submission Guidelines:

We welcome contributions from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives. Proposals are invited that delve into various aspects of identity, such as cultural, gender, socioeconomic, and disciplinary identities, and examine their influence on public engagement. We encourage participants to share insights, research findings, and best practices related to identity-driven approaches in science communication, citizen science, participatory research, science festivals, and other science engagement initiatives.

Proposals can be submitted in the following formats:

8 Min Horizon Talks: These short presentations should be informative and engaging, providing insights, research findings, or practical examples related to the conference theme.

90 Min Scenario Workshops: These workshops should be interactive and participatory, involving the audience in hands-on activities, discussions, or collaborative exercises. Workshops may focus on specific tools, methodologies, or strategies for effective public engagement.

45 Min Dialogue Sessions: These sessions should bring in different speakers and perspectives. Dialogue sessions should allow at least 50% of time for discussion and reflection.

Poster Pitches: Creative poster presentations provide an opportunity to showcase projects, research, or innovative ideas in a visual format. 

Submission Process:

To submit your proposal, please follow the process on EasyChair (the link will be added in September 2023) and complete the online submission form. The form will require the following information:

  • Title of the proposal
  • Type of submission (presentation, workshop, or poster)
  • Abstract (maximum 1000 Characters)
  • Keywords (up to five relevant keywords)
  • Presenter(s) information (name, affiliation, email address, and short bio)

Important Dates:

  • Proposal submission deadline: 1 December 2023
  • Notification of acceptance: End of January 2024
  • Early bird registration opens on 19th of February and closes on 17th of March 2024. Regular registration is open until 30th of April. Please note that in order to keep fees low for everyone, all speakers need to register for the conference. Information about registration fees is available here 
  • Conference dates: 15 to 16 May 2024

The call for proposals is open until 1 December 2023. Please submit your contributions via the button below.

You will receive our feedback until the end of January 2024.

Submit your ideas here!

We look forward to receiving your proposals and to welcoming you to the EUSEA Conference 2024 in Tbilisi. Together, let us explore the transformative power of identity in science engagement and foster a more inclusive and diverse science communication landscape!

For any inquiries or further information, please contact the conference organizing committee at

For the EUSEA Conference Committee

Annette Klinkert – EUSEA      
Ana Kundadze – Ilia State University