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Frequently Asked Questions

2 days are short for such a long trip – what else can I do in Georgia, what is planned around the conference?

Since the location of our conference is special in so many ways, a unique Pre-Conference Program will await you on the 14th of May, starting in the afternoon with a selection of Walking Tours focusing on specific topics related to our conference motto. You will be able to choose between architecture, history, politics or other identity-related themes (or even a mix of all of these?). Take your time to find out more about the exciting city in which we will meet: Tbilisi City Information. In the early evening of the 14th of May, we will have a chance to visit the Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi. After this visit we can all enjoy the old town, getting a first taste of the famous Georgian wine and delicious food. The conference dinner will reflect the identity of this place – get ready for some singing and dancing together with the EUSEA family and hopefully new friends from Georgia and its neighbouring countries.

If you would like to prolong your stay in Georgia since the destination is so special and the flight is longer compared to locations in central Europe.

Here you can find further information on what to do in Georgia: and

Here you can find the tours according to your interest:

Is Georgia a safe place to go?

Of course, no one can say anything definite about any region in this world, and we won’t talk anybody into visiting the conference who does not feel comfortable to travel. But we would like to share that Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, is consistently cited as one of the safest cities in the world (currently 43rd according to the 2023 Safety Index

Many European conferences are being held in Tbilisi this year, and are scheduled for next year. While neighbouring countries face conflicts these days, Tbilisi is often the place to go for those who want to avoid these conflicts and find a safe place to stay.  In Georgia, travellers should avoid South Ossetia and Abkhazia – the regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia because they are not safe to visit. These are Russian-occupied regions of Georgia that have experienced conflicts in recent years. Tbilisi has not been affected by these conflicts in the past years.

How do I get to Georgia? Where should I stay?

here are two airports you should check when planning your trip: Tbilisi International Airport – TBS, and Kutaisi International Airport – KUT, with convenient bus connections to Tbilisi. Suggested areas for hotel reservation would be Vake District (where the university is located) or Old Tbilisi (where most of the attractions are).

For more options, check out the Travel and Accommodation page.

f you have any specific questions related to the venue, please feel free to contact our colleagues directly: Ana Khundadze and Salome Bilanishvili will be happy to assist and support you the best they can!

If you have questions related to the program, your sessions or potential collaborations with other EUSEA members, please get in touch directly with us.

We hope to see you all there!